• The entry is open to all brands and products including the most recent newcomers in the market, the award is competitive and you may be required to engage your customers to vote for your brands both online and via SMS, the result will be determined by our judges and the public votes too.
  • Products can be entered into multiple categories;
  • We are looking for established brands or businesses in the beverage industries with proof of concept and meet the standards required for the market in Kenya and beyond.
  • We are looking for newcomer brands in the beverage industry, they should demonstrate the newness in the market and the innovative nature of their concept and products.
  • Creativity and health impact of new ingredients used is also key to the brands packaging designs are very key to product presentation, hence we are looking for the most innovative packaging for different beverage brands, we are looking for environmental-friendly packaging.
  • Sustainability and CSR initiatives that create measurable benefits hence create impact to the communities by enhancing the company‚Äôs sustainable report.
  • Best practices in manufacturing or processing that lower carbon emission to the environment and promote the use of new technology to ease the whole chain of production.
  • Marketing campaigns, and promotions that show originality and create impact in the beverage industry.
  • Enter your self-nomination online, you may be nominated by your customers or clients, Nomination does not guarantee your company a win.